Early childhood is a very important time in the educational process. At Timmerman School, we believe that process should begin as early as two years old. With half day classes for our youngest students, aged 2-4, and near full day classes for our 5 year old students, Timmerman School strives to create a stable foundation for our students to begin building their future.
2 Year Old Program

A new addition to Timmerman School, our 2 year old program began several years ago when parents in our community began to request a play-based yet academic program for these youngest learners. 

3 Year Old Kindergarten

The first steps of education are so important, and at Timmerman School we take those first steps seriously, with a curriculum based on grasping those first important skills, like writing letters, identifying colors, and more.

4 Year Old Kindergarten

In four year old kindergarten at Timmerman, your child will begin learning a broad range of important concepts like seasons, days, months, as well as problem solving and an early love of reading.

5 Year Old Kindergarten

One of the most exciting times of kindergarten, five year old kindergarten will be the year your child learns to read on their own. Among the myriad of other skills they begin learning this year, 5K is a magical time for children and parents alike.

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