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With a winning blend of traditional and modern teaching methods, Timmerman School students receive an education that has the best, tried and true educational strategies the past, alongside the progressive innovations of the future.

Key to finding the ideas and foresight needed to resolve conflicts, literacy is the most important skill learned in early childhood. Without literacy, children and adults alike find themselves in the dark and without the knowledge to move forward with confidence.

With comprehensive reading programs for all grades 5K - 8th grade, as well as weekly library visits for all kindergarten and elementary students, Timmerman School puts the focus on reading for success.


It is widely accepted that children should begin cultivating proficiency in the art of writing early on in their education. Learning to form and express ideas through writing is key to children's emotional growth and

critical thinking skills.

At Timmerman School, we put our students on the path to writing excellence early and walk every step of the way with them from simple kindergarten-level sentences to middle school research papers.


Mathematic education is incredibly important not only for children, but for society as a whole. With it's propensity for pushing students towards engineering and science as well, math gives society critical thinking citizens who see the world both linearly and creatively.

With an award winning math team at the middle school level, Timmerman School is committed to mathematical education from day one, preparing our students for mathematical success since kindergarten.


Our daily lives are guided and assisted by technology and the products of science. On the other side of that coin, the complex natural world we move through is full of scientific concepts.

As students grow in this combination of nature and technically, it is essential that they be scientifically literate to succeed.

With a mix of classroom science and hands-on STEAM classes that focus on technology, engineering, and art, for elementary and middle school students, Timmerman School puts the focus on science in a real world way.

History & Geography

Knowing your place in the world, and how you came to be there are key concepts to life, and as such, an important part of childhood education. History & Geography help illustrate the how and why of our how we got where we are as a human race, as well as how geography influences societies as a whole. 

At Timmerman School, we believe that the past directly contributes the present, and has a profound impact on the future. We strive to give our students the knowledge and the tools to make that future a bright one.

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