Middle School


Timmerman School strives to help our middle school students prepare not only for the rigors of high school but also for life in general, with a challenging academic schedule, high expectations, and character building to help them move further down the path to success.
Language Arts

Reading the classics for both comprehensive and life lessons is a hallmark of our Language Arts program.


History emphasizes to students the basic concepts of culture, economics, and politics, helping guide them to be thoughtful & productive adults.


Math is a key life skill. Math teaches problem solving, as well as analytical & critical thinking.


Being able to communicate with individuals from different places, like our neighbor to the South, Mexico, is important to learning about the world.


Science on a very basic level, can take the guesswork out of life - using scientific methods can help quickly get to the heart of what is true.

Teacher Cadet

Giving our students real-world experience is important, so our Teacher Cadet Program is essential. Students help out as teacher aides in different environments and learn real skills.

Physical Education

Body and brain both need exercise! So our physical education program, once a week for all middle school students, makes sure that our students get the physical education they need to grow.

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