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Award-winning in many sports, the Timmerman School Athletic Department strives to teach our students sportsmanship, perseverance, and character.

Athletics' Calendar

Physical Education

Physical Education is an essential component of molding the whole child.  Focusing on an active mind and body is built directly into Timmerman’s academic and athletic philosophies.  These philosophies are supported by weekly Physical Education classes as well as daily outdoor recreational time.  Both foster healthy social and emotional growth through team-building activities and individual goal setting tasks.  Children learn how to live a healthier life by creating good nutritional habits and adopting an exercise-based daily regimen.

Track & Field

Timmerman's Track and Field team is a wonderful addition to the athletic roster, with team playing and focus as the hub of the program.


With teams for all ages and genders, the Timmerman Owls basketball program is a wonderful team to be a part of.


With a focus on team building and sportsmanship, the award winning Lady Owls volleyball team is a bright spot in the Timmerman Athletic Department from day one.


With our cheerleaders showing that Owl spirit, the program is a focal point of the athletic program.


New to our athletic department, the softball team is a wonderful way to add more Lady Owls to the team!

Athletic Department Mission Statement:
The Timmerman School Athletic Department is committed to excellence; we strive to provide

experiences that enhance our students’ personal and team growth.


Philosophy Statement: The athletic program is an important part of the educational process of the school and is an extension of the classroom, serving as an arena for learning. We strive to have each student athlete enjoy a positive experience while we develop competitive teams. Students deciding to become a part of the athletic program must understand that they accept the privilege and benefits of participation and should fully appreciate that they have taken on certain specific obligations and responsibilities.


Athletes are provided with the belief that the following goals may be accomplished through membership on an athletic team:

  1. Competitive Greatness

  2. Good health and physical fitness

  3. Good sportsmanship and fair competition

  4. School spirit and loyalty

  5. Moral development and training

  6. Social skills development

  7. Emotional maturity development


The success of the athletic program is not based solely on the win-loss record of the teams. Instead, the goal of the program is to have each participant reach his/her maximum potential.

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