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Elementary Art Class

Elementary School


Elementary school is where the rubber meets the road for most students. At Timmerman School, we work hard to give our elementary school students personalized learning experiences, focusing on their strengths and working to shore up their weaker areas. Our Elementary School curriculum revolves around the early introduction of the concepts students will use for years to come, ensuring their success not only in Elementary School, but in the years beyond as well.

Reading is important because it develops muscle that is the mind. Reading helps children and, later, adults, focus on what someone else is communicating.

Handwriting (Cursive)

Learning cursive is an important - and dwindling - skill, refining motor skills and teaching students to take their time when forming letters.

Social Studies

Social Studies teaches students the basic concepts of culture and history, helping guide them to be thoughtful & productive adults.


Learning to love reading for reading's sake is the mission of our library.

Notebook Sketch

Vocabulary plays an important part in both developing a student's reading skills, as well as their communication skills.


Math is a key life skill. Math teaches problem solving, as well as analytical & critical thinking.

English Grammar
Pencil and notepad

English Grammar, like both vocabulary & spelling, is a fundamental skill for teaching our students effective communication


Learning music appreciation, as well as how to work together to create a beautiful sound, is not only a great life skill - but fun too!

Physical Education

Like vocabulary, spelling is an important skill in developing a child's ability to communicate with others.

Test Tube

Science on a very basic level, can take the guesswork out of life - using scientific methods can help quickly get to the heart of what is true.

Flag of Spain

Being able to communicate with individuals from different places, like our neighbor to the South, Mexico, is important to learning about the world.


Our world runs on technology and engineering  - the two main focuses of our elementary STEAM program at Timmerman. Students learn coding, beginner robotics, and other technological skills, while also building their engineering skills in our Maker Space.

Sporty Girls

Body and brain both need exercise! So our physical education program, once a week for all elementary students, makes sure that our students get the physical education they need to grow.

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